Sales and Marketing Services in Bristol

Over the past few years, Bristol's booming economy has been making headlines. According to the latest Centre for Cities report, Bristol is among the UK's top ten cities in terms of innovation and number of start-ups. In view of this, it seems obvious that the capital of the South West is a great place to be a business owner, however this does not make having a strong sales and marketing strategy any less important. Here we offer some useful suggestions on how to implement a bullet-proof sales and marketing strategy that can help Bristol-based businesses capitalise on the advantages of their location.

Conventional Sales and Marketing: Do They Still Work?

If you have a bricks-and-mortar business, you may be wondering whether it is worth investing in traditional marketing techniques, and if so, which are the most effective strategies. The answer is yes, especially if you want to build a loyal client base in the local area. A recent Digital Democracy Survey revealed that flyers, referrals, TV, and printed ads are still among the most influential marketing techniques. The key to drive up sales is to make the content of your marketing campaigns highly relevant and visible, and advertising through local TV channels or radio stations is a way of getting started, and is usually affordable too. Working with a local advertising agency would also be useful, as they could point you in the right direction and help you gain more local exposure.

Event marketing is another technique worth considering. This strategy can be highly profitable for companies who have a physical presence, as promotional events offer a unique opportunity to connect with your audience outside of the store environment and to convert prospects into loyal clients.

The Power of Online Sales and Marketing Strategies

Whether you have a physical business or run an online company, having a powerful Internet presence is as important as ensuring that your store front or business premises are appealing. Having a professionally designed website is just the starting point, and should be complemented by the following strategies:

Online Sales Strategies

Some of the top conventional sales techniques can be successfully used in online environments too. The most effective strategies include up-selling, offering coupons or discounts, giving away freebies, and offering product demos (for example, using videos). The important thing to remember is that modern business now need to plan both conventional and e-commerce strategies and ensure that they complement each other.

Local Listings

Local business directories are the Yellow Pages of the Internet. If you want your business to be findable, make sure your company is listed in more than one directory. The most popular UK local listing sites are Yell, Scoot, Opendi, Touch Local, and the UK Internet Directory. Moreover, you can target your listing to local searches by appearing on local directories such as the Bristol Business Guide which is published by the local city council.

Social Media

Having an active social media profile and publishing engaging content can also drive sales and increase customer engagement. For example, Pinterest and Instagram are powerful visual marketing tools. Video marketing (think Youtube or Twitter video) is growing exponentially, and some studies have shown that it videos can generate 94% more views than plain written content. Another channel to consider is FourSquare, which combines the advantages of a local listing site with the engagement generated by social media.


Customer reviews can have a huge impact on your sales figures. Many businesses have successfully used Trip Advisor rankings to improve their revenues, but this requires consistency and it can take some time until you see tangible results. Appearing on local review sites could be more effective. For example, of you are in the food and drinks industry, try to get reviewed on Bristol Bites or

Hyperlocal Marketing

Over the past two years, hyperlocal marketing has been growing non-stop. Consumers are carrying out an increasing number of "near me" searches, and according to Google Trends, the UK ranks second in the list of countries with the highest number of hyperlocal searches. This means that you should ensure your website is optimised to cater to the increasing number of people who use their phones to find local businesses.

By incorporating the range of strategies described in this article, you can give your company a better chance of being found by your desired target market, whether in Bristol or beyond.