Finding the Right Employees in Bristol

Bristol offers employers a strong talent pool and a workforce of over 700,000 people in and around the city. Bristol and the surrounding region is one of the most skilled areas in the UK with a high percentage of workers educated at a degree level. Strengths include technology, aerospace and advanced engineering, creative and digital, and financial skills. Together with Bath, Bristol is the largest cluster for tech and digital employment in the UK outside of London, according to TechNation. Based on data from the Office of National Statistics, more people are employed in knowledge-based businesses than Oxford and Cambridge combined. The city and surrounding region is also home to four major universities with world class talent.

Promoting Employment Opportunities

With one of the highest business start-up rates in the UK and the highest outside of London, according to the 2015 Cities Outlook Report from the Centre for Cities, attracting the right employees is a competitive process in Bristol. Using a good recruitment agency and promoting your business with potential recruits is a vital part of attracting quality employees with the skills and experience you need. A job posting should not just focus on the job itself. They are also opportunities to tell employees about why working for your business is exciting and rewarding. When showcasing your business, it is important to highlight the benefits of working for your organizations. This might include sharing information about benefits, the work environment, and the workplace culture through social media (e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn), your website, job posting sites, and other forums. Having a presence at a career fair is another way to showcase your business. When exhibiting at a career fair or any other event, use enthusiastic employees that can sell your business in a positive way that attracts interest.

Recruiting Students and Graduates

Local universities are great sources of assistance with attracting employees, especially younger talent. The University of Bristol attracts over 350 employers to its events, including career fairs. The University of Bristol Careers Service works with employers to find students and graduates for specific opportunities, such as internships and student placements. Employers can also post vacancies, register for events and raise their profile through the university's mycareer portal. The University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol also provides recruitment services to help employers engage students and staff. The university can assist with promoting vacancies and providing consultancy services. It also hosts employers and career fairs, as well as drop-in sessions and other events with employers. UWE can also assist with filling internship, student placement and volunteer vacancies.

Using a Recruiter

Posting job opportunities on newspapers' online and print careers sections, social media, your website, the government's Universal Jobmatch and other places extend your visibility and audience. Some services, such as the Universal Jobmatch, are free. In some cases, hiring a recruiter is a good way to target potential employees and reduce the stress of finding employees. Several national recruitment agencies have a presence in Bristol, including Reed, Randstad, Hays, Morgan Hunt and Thorn Baker. There are also a number of agencies based in and around Bristol, including Lucy Bristow and Robert Half. A recruiter helps identify the skills and experience you need and can draw from its pool of talent to find the right employee for your business. They also assist with the recruitment process, including developing or refining the job posting and making these available through their website and networks. Recruiters also help with assessing applications or CVs and provide advice and support for the interview and selection processes.

Choosing the Right Employee

An interview remains one of the best ways to select the right employee. It is an opportunity to see if an individual is the best fit for the position as well as with your organization. When interviewing, ask questions that assess the person's capabilities and experience in order to determine if they have the competencies needed to be successful in the position. Questions might include asking an individual about specific situations where they had to manage a project, research an issue, work with a partner, or any other case that relates to the specific qualifications needed for the position. At the same time, ask questions that help you determine if the person is also a good fit with your business's work environment and culture. For example, ask questions about how they work with others and how they deal with conflict.